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Feeling a bit overwhelmed and out of sorts after the past few years? Possibly even like you don't quite recognize yourself anymore?


Looking for support in navigating all the change so you can feel confident, clear, and aligned with your own wants and desires for yourself and your community? Or maybe you're looking for accountability and support to access your motivation so you can reprioritize your health & wellbeing? If so,...

You came to the right place! Schedule a craniosacral bodywork session, evolutionary astrology reading, and/or book a consult with Emma to discuss how the unique combination of Integrative Health Coaching & Evolutionary Astrology can help you break out of old patterns and establish generative, life-sustaining habits.  

emma stands joyfully in the desert with a saguaro and other native desert plants in the background
“My coaching sessions with Emma helped me to realize things that I was very unclear about, and motivated me to move forward through a stagnant time. I have and am moving forward with progress and am feeling excited, empowered, and a sense of peace. The anxiety and scattered-ness has been realized and is quieting.”

Coaching Participant, UMN Coaching Internship

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