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emma smiling gently as she looks at the camera with a rock wall to her side

About Emma...

Emma Vasseur is a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, with a Master’s Degree in Integrative Health & Wellbeing Coaching from the Center for Spirituality & Healing through the University of Minnesota. Throughout the past decade, Emma has coached countless individuals and facilitated numerous groups and workshops in private, healthcare, community, and academic settings. Her work has been focused on facilitating whole person health & healing for personal empowerment and collective liberation. 

Emma’s unique blend of lived, educational, and professional experiences creates a dynamic space for exploration with her clients so they can tap into their inner wisdom, befriend their bodies and emotions, initiate meaningful change, and create lasting transformation. She integrates somatic awareness practices and astrology into her coaching practice to enhance self-discovery, -awareness, -compassion, and -acceptance. Emma believes one of the keys to collective change and liberation is personal healing and the integration of the whole self into community.


Through her experiences, Emma has realized that self-acceptance and compassion are often the keys to improved health outcomes, enhanced quality of life, and personal and professional success. She has also found self-compassion to be a necessary piece of the puzzle for folks navigating social and/or environmental justice work and the process of decolonization. Her mission is to facilitate empowerment for those navigating transitions and struggling with confidence so that they can embrace themselves fully and exchange their fear and worry for authentic and confident living.


The modalities through which Emma offers her work are one-on-one and group coaching, craniosacral bodywork, reiki energy healing, evolutionary astrology sessions, workshops, and speaking engagements. Emma's work is a beautiful tapestry of guiding others on their transformative journey.

If you'd like to learn more or have additional questions about Emma's services - please reach out. Emma would be happy to share more and looks forward to learning more about you. 


My Qualifications



  • 2012: CenterPoint: Massage & Shiatsu Therapy School & Clinic

  • 2012-2018: Upledger Institute, CranioSacral Therapy

  • 2016-2017: University of MN + Preston "Coyote" Vargas, Reiki Energy Healing, Levels 1 and 2

  • 2020-present: Heidi Wilson - Fluid Healing, Biodynamic Craniosacral (BCSW)


  • 2012: chiropractic clinic downtown Minneapolis

  • 2013-2019: bodyworker for touring musicians and crew

  • 2019-present: private practice



  • Self-study from childhood, ongoing

  • 2015-2023: Chani Nicholas's blog, horoscopes, book, virtual workshops

  • 2017-2020: Evolutionary Astrology live study with Jessa Walters

  • 2019: Evolutionary Astrology live study with Steven Forrest


  • 1:1 birth chart readings, 2019-present

  • group offerings, 2020-present

  • walk-in readings with The Ninth House & Monsoon Mystics (Tucson, AZ), 2022-present



  • 2012-2017: University of Minnesota, Master of Arts Degree in Integrative Health & Wellbeing Coaching

  • 2018: Center for Trauma & Embodiment at Justice Resource Institute, Trauma Sensitive Yoga & Embodiment 


  • 2013-2014: Optum Health

  • 2014-2019: RedBrick Health / Virgin Pulse

  • 2018: Solcana Fitness, Wellness Coordinator, Wellness Coach

  • 2019-2022: MOBE, Self-Management Guide

  • 2022-2023: Arizona State University, Success Coach

  • 2022-present: Private Practice, Health Coach

  • 2023-present: Integrative Health Coach, Minnesota Head & Neck Pain Clinic


Over the course of the past decade Emma has continued ongoing study and personal development by completing various workshops, courses, programs, and community offerings exploring topics of race + racism, whiteness + white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism, socialization + liberation, colonization + decolonization, right relationship, sovereignty, authenticity, gender, sexuality, emergence, apocalypse, revolution, and co-creating the new world. Some of Emma's teachers, mentors, facilitators of this work are listed on the "weaving web" section. She highly recommends connecting with them/their work if you feel called.

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