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Cactus Fields

Emma Vasseur provides college students with the tools for radical self-acceptance so they can exchange worry and doubt for authentic and confident living.


In 2022, The American College Health Association surveyed over 54,000 college students for their Spring 2022 National College Health Assessment and found that approximately 77% were experiencing moderate to serious psychological distress.  


Emma has traversed through many years of self-discovery, navigating from anxious, worried, and fearful to a place of radical self-acceptance and steady confidence. She had ample support from therapists, coaches, bodyworkers, and astrologers along the way and now wants to carry that work forward. Emma’s goal is to utilize her own experiences and expertise to provide college students with the tools for radical self-acceptance so they don’t feel so alone, confused, or afraid as they find their version of success on their terms.

Pathway to Acceptance

In this talk, Emma takes students on a journey from low self-esteem to confident and thriving! She provides attendees with key take-aways and steps to start practicing radical self-acceptance in their own lives.

Desert Road
"Emma is kind, understanding and compassionate. Her warmth and energy helped create a safe container for difficult, vulnerable, slightly messy feelings (at least for me, and it seemed for others). She offered clarity and explanation when questions were raised. Emma's joy for life is contagious."

Rose Martin, workshop participant

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