July's Cosmic Cast

Eclipse season is upon us, which means that whatever we’ve been shoving into the shadows, “out of sight / out of mind,” has the potential of being revealed! With the sun moving through the sign of Cancer, July is going to be continuing on the theme of deep feels. I know I’m not alone in feeling those feels these past several weeks! It’s been intense. This is a great opportunity to notice what comes up - what emotions? When? Can you start to notice which of your needs are and/or are not being met?

This is your chance to be brutally honest with yourself. Make sure you’ve got your support network on standby because these times can be intense. As you identify your needs, the Full Moon, and partial Lunar Eclipse, in Capricorn on July 16 will provide the opportunity to implement the structures needed to activate self-discipline in regards to getting those needs met in mature and practical ways.

Do you need alone time? Do you need to feel connected to your community? Do you need to get real about your feelings of security and stability? Whatever comes up, I’m proud of you for noticing! You’re amazing and so capable of taking good care of yourself.

“I truly believe we can save the world if we save ourselves first.”

-Lizzo (during her performance at the Glastonbury Festival at the end of June)

Mercury’s retrograde begins on July 8th, in the sign of Leo, then dives into Cancer. How I see it, this will emphasize that deep inward pull, and this time from the intellectual perspective. We first need to gather information, form thoughts / opinions, before we speak them out and act on them. I invite you to take this opportunity to reflect even more deeply inward on your emotions and the beliefs you then project onto yourself or others as they relate to your emotional state(s). If you’re feeling pulled into the depths of yourself this month, don’t be afraid to honor that. If you’re feeling super outgoing, don’t be afraid to honor that either! We’re all going to be impacted differently by this eclipse season depending on where Cancer and Capricorn lie in our individual birth charts. Send me an email at ‘hello [at] emmavasseur [dot] com’ with your name, date / time / location of birth and I can tell you where they are in your chart so you can do some deeper research!

“I love you. You are beautiful. You can do anything.”

-(also) Lizzo (during that same performance as she encouraged the crowd to go home and practice the above mantra in the mirror. I’m spreading her message and request to you!)

My heart is with you, dear ones! The tides are high and the currents strong. We’re in this together.


Further breakdown for my fellow Sky Nerds:

Most Notable Transits:

- July 2: Total Solar Eclipse - New Moon in Cancer

- July 8: Mercury stations retrograde

- Travels retrograde from Leo, into Cancer throughout July,

- Stations direct in Cancer on August 1

- July 16: Partial Lunar Eclipse - Full Moon in Capricorn

- July 23: Sun enters Leo

Other Noteworthy Movements:

- July 2: Mars enters Leo

- July 7: Sun opposes Saturn in Capricorn

- July 12: Sun opposes Pluto in Capricorn

- July 27: Sun squares Uranus in Taurus

- July 28: Venus enters Leo

- July 31: Venus squares Uranus in Taurus


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