May's Cosmic Cast

Hello my cosmic loves,

This month we are being supported and encouraged by Taurus season, along with the three major planets in retrograde, to get really clear on, and implement, what works and what is getting in our way when it comes to truly taking care of ourselves.

May starts with a New Moon in Taurus on the 4th, which means the Sun AND the Moon will be conjunct (joining forces) in the sign of Taurus. What resources do you need to survive? How do you take care of and tend to your resources? How do you take care of and tend to your body (our most valuable resource)? What type of support and stability do you have access to? Are you experiencing pleasure in your daily life? How often do you exhale deeply? These are the types of questions Taurus hopes to help us answer. By looking at our personal charts, we get a bit more insight about the types of experiences and the areas of our lives that will help us feel fulfilled in these areas.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all continuing along in their retrograde motion for the entire month of May - each inviting us to look deeply inward at various parts of ourselves. Jupiter wants to know if we are taking the risks we need to take in order to feel alive and engaged with what gives our lives deeper meaning. Now doesn’t need to be the time to take those risks, but rather a time to reflect on whether or not we are willing to bet big on ourselves.

Saturn and Pluto are bringing some heavy vibes along in their transits - excavating, purging, releasing, and transmuting darkness into transformational healing are all possible during this time. Many of us are at the point where we are throwing our hands up in the air because the darkness has been relentless. We need to keep breaking down and releasing those pain points that are keeping us stuck and disempowered. We need to show up for one another and, as they say, we must first put on our own oxygen mask.

The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 18th asks us to acknowledge the intensity of our lives while continuing to hold on to our simple pleasures and not get wrapped up in drama.


Recommended self-care practices to honor Taurus season:

- Engaging with your sensuality in ways that feel comfortable and pleasurable to you

- Anything that feels luxurious to your senses and your body

- Feeding yourself well

- Spending time in nature

- Listening to music

- Relaxing - in whatever ways work for you

- Financial awareness and engagement

- Establishing of material resources for survival (money, food, shelter, clothing) and challenging any material attachment and prioritization to things unnecessary for survival

Take care of yourselves, dear ones. I aim to do the same and will be here rooting for you every step of the way!!




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