Today I’m feeling the pull into the darkness, into the still place where the truth resides. I’ve been feeling the need to get really quiet and listen lately. I’ve also been feeling the need to be internal and a bit withdrawn. Simultaneously I crave deep and meaningful connections with others.

There is a desire within me to keep letting go - letting go of my possessions, my preconceived notions of what I am “supposed” to be doing with my life, my resentments, my grievances, my insecurities, and my doubts.

I want to play! I want to let my life flow from inside of me as it matches the cosmic vibration of source. I want to break open with creativity, joy, passion, and hope! I want to speak up about the things that truly matter to me. I want to love and be loved unconditionally! I want to dance!

It is happening.

What are you noticing / feeling / wanting?

As Mercury appears to be moving backwards in our sky, through the sign of Pisces for the next 23 days, I invite you to take the time to reflect on your deepest desires, your deepest creative longings, your deepest emotions and emotional needs, and to continue to get to know the real you - beyond all of the noise of societal, familial, communal, religious, and all other forms of conditioning. Let yourself simply be to feel, to play, to create, and to love.

Posting this with love in my heart for each of you!


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