Post-eclipse Breakdown + Forecast

Hello wonderful community!

I’ve just returned home after six months of extensive, back and forth travel and am needing a bit of breathing room to integrate and get my feet back on the ground. I am taking a break from a more detailed Cosmic Cast this month and providing a brief list of general themes and rundown of significant transits so you can mark any significant dates for yourself if you’d like.

Post eclipse season, I’m also feeling called to switch gears a little bit and the details still aren’t totally clear. I will be spending August reflecting on my overall vision with hopes of being able to share more sooner than later as my work shape-shifts, once again, and I step more intentionally into what I am here to do!

Without further ado, here is this months abbreviated Cosmic Cast :)


Our glorious sun is in it's home sign in Leo at the start of the month until we move into Virgo on August 24. Let yourselves shine bright, loves!


New Moon: July 31 in Leo

Full Moon: August 15 in Aquarius

New Moon: August 30 in Virgo


Mercury goes direct 8/1

Sun conjunct Mars 8/9

Jupiter goes direct 8/12

Uranus turns retrograde 8/12

Mercury conjuncts Mars 8/29


New cycle begins post-eclipse season and with the New Moon on 7/31

- What are you hoping to create with your newfound awareness that is in alignment with your authentic self and will serve the communities you are a part of?


- Pleasure, joy, play

- Courage, vulnerability, love (giving and receiving)

- Creativity and self-expression for no good reason, or for a very intentional reason!

Aquarius Full Moon:

- Shines a light on where we need to confirm we are being radically authentic and owning our unique gifts and talents in the world

- Sudden changes, suddens shifts in perspective

Virgo New Moon:

- Setting intentions around sharing our unique gifts in community and with the world

- Being of radical service

Mercury and Jupiter going direct

- A return of a sense of flow; especially within the realms of communication and thinking patterns, as well as our feeling of abundance, generosity and faith

As always, please keep in mind each of these transits will impact each of us differently as they move through our birth charts in their unique way. I will be opening my calendar again soon for Birth Chart Readings and Coaching so stay tuned if you’re hoping for some deeper clarity on how the cosmos are playing a role in your life at this highly charged time!

With great care,



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