Resilience ✺ Faith ✺ Optimism

Updated: Dec 4, 2018


Resilience ✺ Faith ✺ Optimism

Hi friend!

I have been having so much fun learning about each of the twelve signs of the zodiac and I want to share what I’ve learned with you! For the foreseeable future, I am going to offer a “monthly” special for sign-specific astrology readings. In exchange for $44, I will share a personalized recording with you detailing how the sign of the “month” shows up in your chart and how it plays a role in the development and expression of your psyche! I’ll be following along with the rhythm of the zodiac so each “month” will actually correspond to which sign the sun is in at that time! Due to the amount of time and energy that goes into interpreting the significance of one particular sign in each person’s chart, I will only be offering 20 of these sessions each month so be sure to get yours ASAP!

For my first offering, we will be focusing on Sagittarius! Which is so fitting because I am a Sagittarius Rising (meaning that Sadge was on the eastern horizon the moment I was born)! Not sure why that’s relevant?! Stay tuned for a video from yours truly providing basic information about the birth chart so you can start to understand the ins and outs of astrology and your own chart.

The sun recently moved into the sign of Sagittarius and will be moving through this territory until December 21st. Sadge is the sign that inspires resilience, faith and optimism. Sagittarius motivates us to trust in life, to take risks, and helps us to cultivate resilience! It inspires us to find deep meaning in life, to pursue our ideals, and to continue to learn and expand. The planets and houses that are touched by this sign within the birth chart point to where we are being called to expand, take risks, have faith, explore and learn! Experiences such as travel, pursuing higher education, and anything that expands our worldview are associated with Sadge and by looking at your chart, you can find out what part(s) of you need that Sadge mojo!

When we don’t honor this dimension of our psyche, we may feel a disconnect with the deeper meaning of life, with our faith, and/or with the inspiration to pursue our ideals. Another possibility is that we could become overly optimistic, adopting a blind faith and over-extending ourselves, leading to depletion, sadness, and/or depression.


I hear you loud and clear and it is my great pleasure to assist you in learning more! Purchase a Sagittarius recording in exchange for $44 and I will send you a customized, 15-30 minute recording within 5 days detailing Sagittarius’s influence in your life! The length of the recording varies based on what is present in your birth chart.

Allow me to break it down:


A personalized, 15-30 minute recording from yours truly

detailing Sagittarius’s influence in your life delivered to your inbox!


1- send the following info to me

(hello [at] emmavasseur [dot] com):

your date of birth +

exact time of birth +

city where you were born

2 - submit payment of $44 to me via Venmo @emma-vasseur

or PayPal me with hello [at] emmavasseur [dot] com

3 - await patiently for the goods to be delivered!


I will email a link directly to your inbox

where you can download the recording

within 5 days of your purchase.

Learning this information has helped me understand why I am the way I am, inspiring a deep sense of self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-acceptance! I have been able to identify more of my specific needs which allows me to honor those needs and feel more aligned with who I truly am at my core. I have felt more authentic in my relationships and motivated to pursue my dreams! It would be my absolute honor and pleasure to assist you on your path in these directions.

With love and warmth (from the flames of Sagittarius's fire),



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