Where you'll find me in 2019

Hello everyone!

Happy New Year!

I hope that you've had some time to reflect on, honor, and let go of 2018. We're here in 2019 and I, myself, can feel many shifts happening on a personal and collective level. I have a lot of exciting updates and news about where I'll be going and where you can find me and work with me in 2019, so I'm going to jump right in...


- Facilitating a 2019 Astrological Overview workshop at Jewelweed on Tuesday, January 15 in Wayzata, MN

- Contributing astrological wisdom and insights to some exciting publications, such as Tiny Flames Press

- Joining Amy Patee for her Costa Rica Yoga Retreat January 26 - February 2nd (my birthday!!) as a Guest Teacher and Fun Instigator

- Going back on the road and touring with Joan Baez and the crew

- Joining forces with the Tall Reeds Healing Arts collective in Uptown, Minneapolis to co-create beautiful magic and offer CranioSacral and other embodiment services to the community starting in March

- Collaborating with Amy Patee to create meaningful and playful workshops combining the ancient wisdom and guidance of both Astrology and Yoga

- Creating new ways for us to work together in the days / months / years to come!


2019 Astrological Overview at Jewelweed, Tuesday, January 15 from 6:30-8:30pm:

This intimate workshop is for anyone who is curious about how to tap into and utilize the universal energies available to us throughout the upcoming year for guidance and support. If you've been wondering about astrology but not really sure how to get started in exploring it, this is a great place to start! No previous experience is required and I will be sure to cover the bases needed for a basic understanding of astrology. Grab one of the few spots available here.

If you haven't been out to Wayzata to check out Jewelweed, I highly recommend you do so! It is a true gem within the community and greater metro area. Jodi, Shyla and Anna have co-created a beautiful space where they actively put their values of sustainability, reconnecting with nature, conscious consumerism, social equality, personal empowerment, and holistic healing into practice. 

Ongoing Astrology Insights and Contributions:

I am over the moon to begin contributing astrological insights to the newsletters of folks I admire and respect! This is going to be a great opportunity for me to flex my writing muscles while trusting my connection to the universal energies that are up as we move through the cycles and rhythms of the seasons ahead. I'm excited to share these gifts and nuggets of wisdom from the heavens with you all and will begin this process in the upcoming month so stay tuned! I'll be sure to update you on where to find this work as it becomes available.

Costa Rica Yoga Retreat:

I'm joining Amy Patee as a Guest Teacher and Fun Instigator at her annual Costa Rica Yoga Retreat happening from January 26-February 2nd, which happens to be my birthday! There are a couple spots remaining and we would LOVE if you could join us! Click here for more info and to sign up.

On the Road Again with Joan Baez:

Those of you that know me on a more personal level know that I cannot sit still for very long. Which is why I have accepted the offer to go back on the road with Joan Baez and the crew as the Tour Assistant and Resident Day-Maker (I added that last bit but they know it's true)! The first tour begins in early February and we'll be traveling through Europe. I'll be posting updates via instagram so be sure to follow along there if you're interested! February, April, and July are the current tour dates on the calendar and my travel bug is itching to get moving. The beauty of the internet will allow me to do my astrological work from wherever the winds take me!

CranioSacral + Other Magic at Tall Reeds Healing Arts:

I will be joining forces with Portia Richardson and the collective at Tall Reeds Healing Arts in Uptown, Minneapolis beginning this March and I am thrilled about all that is to come within that space! I will be offering CranioSacral, which I've been studying off and on for the past four years, and other magic in collaboration with the collective of TRHA. It has become increasingly more clear to me that CranioSacral is one of the major components of my work that I'm here to share in the world. It is an incredibly powerful, yet subtle, technique that facilitates deep healing on many levels! More to come on all of this.

Astrology + Yoga Collaborations with Amy Patee:

Amy and I co-facilitated our first workshop on the Winter Solstice and had so much fun that we knew we had to do more! We are in the planning stages of co-creating more workshops to come that combine that ancient wisdom and tools of both yoga and astrology to support you in connecting to the Sacred Site of You! We are each full of so much wisdom, beauty, love, and magic! Amy and I believe that through playful introspection we can tap into these spaces to live a life more empowered, vibrant, and fulfilled.

Creating New Ways to Work Together:

I've got my creative brainstorm cap on and am dreaming up some pretty delicious opportunities for us to work together in the days / months / years to come so stay tuned to see how it all comes together! Birth chart readings are full at the moment and I'll be starting to offer Transit & Progression readings very soon.

That's it for now! Please be sure to subscribe to this blog and my newsletter (on my homepage) in order to stay up-to-date on all that's happening. You can also find me on instagram!

I would love to hear about what you're up to in 2019!

With lots and lots of love,



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