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cultivate well-being

emma provides coaching for folks navigating major life transitions and shifts in identity to prevent overwhelm, burn out, and potential stress-related health complications so they can feel their best and live a more present and meaningful life.

some of the challenges emma has supported others with:

  • mid-20's, quarter life crisis

  • becoming a parent

  • aging

  • career changes (including retirement)

  • shifts in consciousness / awareness of reality

  • becoming sober / removing alcohol from their lifestyle

  • shifting from external to internal source of power and agency

  • gender and sexuality

  • becoming more authentic in self-expression

  • health scare or diagnosis

  • change(s) in relationship status (ending a relationship, opening up relationships)

  • challenging family dynamics


a map of your true self

evolutionary astrology supports increased awareness, acceptance and compassion for self and others. it provides a space for deep self-reflection, reclamation, and empowerment. 


it holds a mirror for us to feel validated, affirmed, and encouraged to be more radically authentic; allowing us to discover our unique path and embrace our inner power.


the insights provided by astrology can help deprogram limiting beliefs and achieve greater consciousness and awareness in our lives.

emma offers birth chart readings, transit & progression readings, and relationship readings. if this is your first time working with emma, you must first book a birth chart reading before exploring transits & progressions or a relationship reading. readings can be done via zoom from anywhere in the world, or locally in tucson, az.


the body heals itself

craniosacral bodywork is a subtle, yet profound healing modality that supports the nervous system in finding homeostasis by releasing tension and restrictions within the central nervous system. this can lead to an increased state of calm, increased capacity to be with discomfort and/or challenging situations and emotions, and resolution of dis-ease within the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic body systems. 


the following video does a beautiful job of describing how biodynamic craniosacral works and was created by Sylvia Schroer for the craniosacral therapy educational trust: 


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